Jessica B.

Jessica B.

I don’t normally leave reviews but this one is needed.

I called the on call vet Saturday night around midnight. When I got home I realized one of my dogs had eaten the bandage around his tail, and also part of his tail. My house looked like a Murder movie.

The on call vet walked me through everything, and told me to come in the following day. 
All they had available was a 10:30. At first I was worried, not sure how I was going to make that work, due to a family emergency I have been traveling to SLU Hospital daily, and needed to be there at 9am.

They graciously opened up a kennel for him and I was able to drop him off at 8am. Mueller kept Remi until this morning having to amputate a good portion of his tail. When I picked him up today they walked me through every step of his stay, and every step of after care.

I will suggest Mueller to anyone and everyone who is looking for a great veterinary office with an outstanding staff.

Thank you for everything!